With Facebook’s new algorithm and our increasingly busy lives, more and more people are tuning to live streaming videos. Live streaming your event reaches an extended audience and allows you to further build your social network.



Live streaming an event usually involves someone walking around, taking the camera all over to highlight different aspects of the event. Unfortunately, the camera’s mobility can sometimes compromise quality. Our equipment, however, provides mobility without compromising high quality streaming so your viewers can have the best of both worlds.


EVENT HYPE AND Awareness Boosting

When it comes to events, the majority of the work lies in making people aware of your event and then getting them excited about it. Our team can provide you with all the tools to hype up an audience about live streaming an event so that all you have to worry about is the event itself.


hand free live engagement

Hands free live engagement consists of going live from a stationary camera. Our hands free equipment allows for minimal upkeep and minimal distractions during an event. Additionally, it provides a steady view for the user and allows them to see the event as a whole.


Comment Prompting & Facilitating

One of the best ways to encourage an audience to tune in and stay on your live streaming event is to facilitate conversation. During live streaming, our team prompts viewers with questions and facilitates conversations to keep viewers engaged.